critique and criticism

This class has a dual focus on the related but distinct practices of critique and criticism.  While criticism takes place largely in the public sphere, critique is mostly a feature of higher education in the arts.

Critique: The class will offer you strategies for eliciting more useful critical feedback on your own work and it will help you to improve your capacity for providing feedback (which is an essential skill if you plan to teach). You will be exposed to a range of mechanisms for structuring discussion and you will experiment with a wide variety of critical styles.

Criticism: The practice of criticism is undergoing substantial changes, driven by two consecutive democratizations, the first (beginning in the sixties) with the opening up of a wide range of ostensibly incommensurate art practices and the second (beginning in the nineties) with the populism of internet forums for writing about art. The class will look at these putative “crises” in art criticism from a theoretical perspective, so it’s a good class to take if think you might be interested in writing art criticism at some point in the future.

The class will also dispel some of the isolation of studio production by putting you in touch with the work of your peers in a wide range of disciplines.


COURSE #418  :  Spring 2015